P.S. Did I mention it's 100% free?


P.S. Did I mention it's 100% free?

1 Day. 1 Proven Strategy. Learn how to navigate every economy effectively and in a way that expands your brand, attracts high-ticket clients and grows your bottom line.


Lesson 1: Identifying Opportunity in a Down Economy

If there is one constant in life it is this--in the midst of crisis, there is always opportunity. And in moments of economic disruption, opportunity is bountiful IF you know where to find it. In this vital training, we'll uncover how to find your pot of gold during an economic downturn.

Lesson 2: Marketing for This Moment

The first stage in the client-acquisition process is marketing. But all marketing isn't created equal. And what may have worked in the past, may not be working as well now. The shift in the market requires a shift in your marketing. In this lesson, I'll unpack what you need to be doing now.

Lesson 3: Recession-Proof Offers

They say milk, lipstick and diapers are recession-proof. I'm here to tell you, your offer can be too. In tonight's training, we'll unpack what selling now and what you may need to adjust in order to make sure your offer sells in any economy.

Lesson 4: Selling High Ticket NOW!

Here's the good news. People are still buying. But if you're not selling (or at least not selling as much) you need an adjustment. Buying decision-making has changed in this moment. We'll unpack how and share what you need to do now to sell to high-ticket buyers in ways that will get you to your first or next million NOW!

BONUS LESSON: Building a Market Shift-Proof Million Dollar Mindset

If you're mind ain't right, your money won't be right. And in moments like this especially, it's easy to be psyched out by the circumstance. If you don't believe it's possible to grow your business in this economy you won't. But if you believe you can, and follow that belief with the right actions you will. In this key lesson, we'll focus on the foundation of your million-dollar potential especially right now. And that's building a Market Shift-Proof, Million Dollar Mindset.

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Your info is safe with me—I'll never share your email.

Your info is safe with me—I'll never share your email.


Dr. Shanna locked down her first ever Six-Figure Quarter DURING the Market Shift

- Dr. Shanna (Charleston, SC)

Dr. Ranelli had her first $50,000 CASH Month DURING The Market Shift.

- Dr. Ranelli (Philadelphia, PA)

Michelle locked down over $400,000 in sales in 90 Days DURING the Market Shift.

- Michelle (Dallas, TX)

Who's Behind the Masterclass?

Dr. Avis is an award-winning author, international speaker, media commentator, and multi-7 Figure CEO. She scaled her first business to six figures in less than 9 months and later scaled from multi-six figures to her first seven figures in just eight months. Dr. Avis currently works with bold and ambitious coaches, consultants, authors and speakers who are looking to aggressively grow their businesses to revenue levels that match their extraordinary genius. Is that you? Join her for this critical 5-day intensive so she can show you how.